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About Hostas at Sissinghurst, Inc.

Here at Hostas at Sissinghurst, Inc. of Vancouver, WA, we have more than a decade of experience in growing hosta plants. We got our start by growing different types of hostas in pots. After moving to a larger property, we began growing them in our yard. We tilled the ground and amended the soil to ensure the roots could grow easily and receive the necessary nutrients. Later on, we began enhancing our hosta garden by adding Japanese maples and other shade plants. Hostas are a diverse species of plants, so each variety has different sun and shade needs. Our commitment to growing the most beautiful and healthy hosts means your fund-raiser always receives high-quality plants that your donors will adore for years. We are proud members of the following organizations and associations:

Beautify Your Landscape With Hostas

Join the landscaping revolutions by growing hosta plants. Hostas have been steadily gaining popularity over the last few decades because they are easy to grow, become more attractive each age, and come in a diverse range of colors. Since they require little care and offer a lawn so much character in return, they are the perfect plant for landscaping. As Ron Livingston said, "Walk around a hosta garden, you will be amazed, as every life is a miracle." To learn more about growing hostas, visit the Hosta Library.